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In 2017 finished medal was born!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-02
2017 west hill & other; Challenge & throughout; Motocross west mountain national forest park in Beijing, nearly thousands of athletes from all over the country to participate in the competition. The motocross track by wealthy original feeling of forest roads and scenic highway, distinctive. Also will finish MEDALS, 21 cm long and weighed about 1 kg, claims & other The largest finished medal & throughout; , extremely collection value. The xishan motocross with 42 kilometers, 21 kilometers, 10 kilometers, 42 kilometers challenge group four categories, a total of nearly thousands of players. The whole of China's largest finished MEDALS available for a long time, attract runners competing not only is the event itself, finished medal is also running the elements of friends is very important. Finish the game medal in xishan far view outline for design inspiration, supplemented by the main visual color yellow, in medal & other; Ridge & throughout; The part, on the Roman philosopher Cicero's words: a man of courage is also full of faith, Have courage will be full of confidence) , expressed the runners can be brave and confident to complete the wishes of the game. MEDALS 21 cm long, weighs 1 kg, claims & other The largest finished medal & throughout; 。 Get finished medal run friends have said, this is one of the largest MEDALS they had ever seen, very collectable. Custom MEDALS, marathon custom MEDALS, finished medal, games MEDALS, crossbow, handicraft, the best choice for you! https://www. nobleaward。 com/
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