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Is there any collection value for the Huangpu Marathon commemorative coins?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-06
The medals of the Huangpu Marathon this year are very distinctive. The cool compass shape, the design concept of origin, and the long-standing cultural thoughts made this medal quickly become a hot topic. Regrettably, the quota for the Whampoa Marathon commemorating the Whampoa Marathon this year is still hard to find. Is such a beautiful medal passing by? In order to let more runners keep the memory of the Whampoa Marathon, the organizing committee and Nubo Culture jointly launched the Whampoa Marathon commemorative coin, leaving the memory of the Whampoa Marathon and understanding the city of Whampoa. The Huangpu Marathon commemorative coins have multiple layers of packaging, and each layer of packaging is different. On the first layer of carton packaging, the Whampoa Marathon logo is printed on the top, the 2019 Whampoa Marathon commemorative coin is printed on the bottom, and the iconic buildings of Guangzhou city are on the bottom. The whole is mainly red, with orange matching, it looks extra comfortable. The introduction of the Whampoa Military Academy is printed on the back. The second layer is made of a foam box with commemorative coins inlaid in the middle, and on the back is the song of Whampoa memorized by millions of Whampoa people. The theme is I love Whampoa. Full of Huangpu characteristics. The third layer is the packaging box of the commemorative coin. It is packaged in a transparent acrylic box. The appearance and elements of the commemorative coin can be clearly seen, and it can be very protective. Careful friends may find that the commemorative coins are exactly the same as the finishing medals. Yes, except for the different sizes and different lettering on the back, the other elements are the same, which is the mini version. The design concept of the finishing medal originated from the concept of the birthplace of the ancient Chinese Maritime Silk Road. The shape is a nautical compass, and the golden moire represents eight directions. The silver water pattern on the front represents the thousand-year history of the Maritime Silk Road. The words 'Huangpu' and the pioneer statue strengthen the geographical coordinates. The pattern of the panes represents the colorful glass windows of the Guangzhou folks. The wave pattern represents the economic belt of the Maritime Silk Road, and the pattern of waking lions. Represents the traditional culture of Huangpu. On the back is the archway of the Nanhai Temple at the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. The 2019 Whampoa Marathon commemorative coins, whether as gifts or as souvenirs, are very high-end!
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