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Jigsaw puzzle COINS custom-made technique and matters needing attention Crossbow Po process

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-30
Jigsaw puzzle, COINS, badge, used on the market or less, not because there is no demand, but because a lot of COINS mould factory don't have the power to produce, because puzzles COINS belong to product of combination, the two is not very high demand at the same time, production and processing products, puzzle interface, the two pieces of puzzle can't combination, interface small will cause the jigsaw puzzle together again, so say puzzle COINS made very test manufacturer of technical content. COINS in the market of customized manufacturer is rich textures and types and more common on the market or metal COINS and metal COINS common manufacturing process mainly include pressure, corrosion, die-casting, perfusion, printing etc, comparatively expensive technology to true enamel commemorative COINS, for its high order cost, in the field of commonly used COINS, promotion area with very little, but the market demand for enamel craft commemorative COINS and, therefore, imitation enamel craft commemorative COINS began to become a true enamel craft excellent alternative, such as the Olympic Games commemorative COINS, Coca-Cola commemorative COINS and so on, many of them are using imitation enamel craft. In COINS customization, many products are single for a theme, but also some more special, is one of two or more COINS, there are more than is a set of commemorative COINS, and Mosaic pattern, including Coca-Cola, imitation enamel COINS is also a typical COINS products, this product USES copper pressure imitation enamel colouring process, imitation enamel surface and then to screen printing, and then a few products together with a bottle shape, customized such products is important to note that the product edge shapes have to be very rules, otherwise, spelling a pattern is synthesised, a large gap, thus affecting the whole product is beautiful. Crossbow Po process of 31 years in puzzle COINS industry experience, is rich in all kinds of COINS customized case! Will come looking for professional manufacturer badge ordered, crossbow technology, your choice not wrong! Details refer to: WWW. ysgou。 com
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