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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-11
With a history of 5,000 years of civilization, China has emerged in recent years a large number of creative products with historical culture, and these products have gradually entered the public's field of vision with their practicality, fashion, interest and creativity. What will it look like when these cultural and creative products that vividly show the breath of each historical dynasty enter our lives? Animation keychain pendants life needs a journey that is easy to go. If you need to prepare something, I think it’s just a 'demanded travel' card. PVC luggage tags are most popular among readers than bookmarks. If accompanied by these bookmarks, I think reading will be a very interesting thing. The exquisite bookmarks from the emperors and queens of Ming and Qing dynasties have attracted many fans. This may be a memory in the paper and ink flying flowers, an encounter. Wenchuang bookmarks the emperors and empresses of the Qing palace drama, as well as the handsome elder brothers and Gege. It is applied to the keychain, so that all cultural and creative enthusiasts can't put it down, whether it is a gift to a friend or personal use, it is very suitable. Cultural and creative keychains were gathered in the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the Tang and Song dynasties were naturally indispensable. From the dynasty that regarded fat as beauty, there was a wave of ladies from the Tang dynasty who had a resounding nickname 'Tang Niu'. Mobile phone ring buckle, also known as lazy bracket. Paired with a lady of the Tang Dynasty, it really is a perfect match. The mobile phone ring buckles the Bianjing city of the Song Dynasty, without the scene of the old Kaiyuan prosperous age. But it also reached a heyday under Song Renzong's governance. The picture of Shanghe River in Qingming Dynasty paved the way for cultural and creative products. The Qingming Riverside Buildings made into coasters, the Qingming Riverside Buildings made into coasters, these famous Song Dynasty buildings on the Qingming Riverside maps, if they are made into coasters and badges, they must be a beautiful landscape. You can admire the pictures of Shanghe during the Qingming Festival without leaving home, and of course the people of the Song Dynasty. In addition to the cultural creations on the Qingming Shanghe map, the mobile phone pendants, the thin gold body created by Song Huizong, have also been used for cultural creations in Western-style tableware. Western-style tableware imitating the thin gold body of Huizong Speaking of the Song Dynasty, it is natural to mention Song porcelain. It is not Song Ci who mentioned the criminal officer of the Song Dynasty, nor the Tang poems and Song Ci, but the porcelain of the Song Dynasty. Today's technology is not up to the technology of the time, and it is quite ancient to make women's pendants. Finally, another group photo. Wine corks with characteristics of various dynasties are also very popular. Related searches: custom keychain manufacturers
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