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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-28
Our common custom-made keychains are generally baked, and some high-end keychains are made of enamel. Today we are mainly talking about the keychain made with glue craft. What are its advantages and why the customer experience is so good? From the process point of view, the difference between the glue dispensing process and the baking varnish process lies in the glue dispensing process, that is, applying AP glue to protect the baking varnish surface, so that the surface has an extra layer of resin, which is crystal clear, and the effect is very effective under the sun. Great. From the user experience point of view, the unevenness of the surface of the paint process is reduced, the touch feel of the keychain is greatly improved, and the surface is smooth and round, and the safety factor is also on a level. Nubo specializes in custom-made keychains, large factories, Disney, Olympics suppliers, quality is guaranteed. Consultation hotline: 13829283709 (same number on WeChat)
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