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Medal makers became the last straw to save the marathon?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-31
In recent years, the marathon has become a wild horse that runs off its rein. It is a great river and mountain in China, and the horse is driven by thousands of marathon runners who have doubled for several years. As the number of participants increased, more and more problems appeared. The reasons for attracting runners to insist on running a marathon are roughly divided into the following points: exercise, measure the mountains and rivers of the motherland, and of course, there are marathon finish medals. However, as the medal makers broke out in several consecutive sessions due to carelessness leading to medal printing errors, many runners shook their heads and sighed. Not only the event organizing committee was affected, but also the city's business card was left with a bad impression. Take the Chizhou International Marathon, which finished on October 13, 2018, for example, it caused a low-level mistake, and even wrote the 'gallop' of 'Charming Pingtian Lake' as 'chargingMany regrets also made the medal maker ashamed. There is also the English 'Marathon' marked on the finish medal of the Hengdian Marathon but it was written as 'Marahton' and so on. From these cases, we can see that many medal makers have not played the role of supervision and review in their jobs. They do things to complete tasks. As everyone knows, the eyes of thousands of runners are discerning, and everyone is in front of opportunities. Equally, if you miss this time, there will be no next time. A marathon drives a city, but do not leave any regrets as much as possible. Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing a medal maker. Everything starts with the details, and only when the details are done, the exquisite medals will come naturally.
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