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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-13
Although there are only a handful of people in our country who have made basketball and football out of the world, it does not affect the popularity of basketball in China. Regardless of whether it is a field court, a school basketball court, or a gymnasium, various basketball sports events are regularly held. Most of these events are non-governmental events, so we often see basketball cups organized by various fellow clubs outside the field courts. In order to improve the basketball level of young people and let this sport enter the world of young people from an early age, each city sports bureau organized an annual youth cup to organize a number of teams for basketball competitions to make outstanding teams and talents stand out. If there is a competition, it will naturally be divided into the championship and runner-up, and to be able to get the final championship medal, naturally, it needs strength. How to design basketball medals to make sense and make the participating players love it? In this step, the Suzhou Sports Bureau took the lead. Let me show you how the medals of the first youth basketball tournament held by the Suzhou Sports Bureau are designed? The 2019 Suzhou 'Growth Cup' Youth Basketball Club Invitational Tournament. The medal design is: Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd., The manufacturer and the final interpretation right also belong to Nubo. The medals are divided into: champion (gold medal), runner-up (silver medal), and third runner-up (bronze medal). The elements of the basketball competition medal are: Suzhou famous building, basketball flying in the air, colorful ribbon of hope, 70th anniversary on the back, sweet-scented osmanthus, the blank space in the middle is the name of the laser laser champion and runner-up team, and the medal hook is auspicious cloud hanging. Suzhou Basketball Competition Medal Design Concept: Colorful Star of Hope Ribbon: Youths who struggle on the field are proving that they are the rising stars on the basketball field with their sweat and hard work. Famous buildings in Suzhou: The combination of classical and modern art, and you can see the center of the medal. This is the best business card of this Jiangnan garden. Osmanthus: The back of the medal is dotted with the city flower-osmanthus, which symbolizes the flowers of the motherland-the participating players are working hard to bloom on the basketball court. 70: 2019 is the 70th anniversary celebration of the People's Republic of China, and the future flowers of the motherland are welcoming the motherland's birthday with passionate struggle. This is not an ordinary basketball medal. It is an honor from Suzhou youths. I hope to see you who fought for honor in the future! 2019 Suzhou 'Growth Cup' Youth Basketball Club Invitational Tournament Organizer: Suzhou Sports Bureau Organizer: Suzhou Changxing Star Sports Development Co., Ltd. Medal Designer: Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd. Medal Manufacturer: Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd. For design needs, please visit Nubo Cultural Development Co., Ltd., or contact number: 13829283709 (same number on WeChat), we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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