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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-14
Regarding the practice of medals, we usually use zinc alloy die-casting. Of course, this is not the only way to make medals. According to different materials, we also have different production methods. Zinc alloy material, high cost performance, good stability, is currently one of the preferred materials for medals. The method of making a zinc alloy medal is to melt the raw material into a liquid raw material at high temperature, and then inject it into a mold to form a model of the medal. Copper material is the high-end material of the current medal production process, and the main method is stamping. After the shape of the medal is completed, the electroplating process of the medal is followed by putting the medal into the solution for industrial electroplating. This process can make the medals into different colors such as gold, silver and copper that we want. High-end medals are often matched with different colors to form a perfect contrast. Therefore, we often add some colorful to fill in the method of medal making. We call this process the paint baking process, which can be done on the part of the medal. Paint, dry, increase the color of the medal. Of course, other crafts can be added to the medals, such as glue, poly, enamel and other crafts. Recently, a new color-changing medal was released. We will show it to you in the next issue to see how this mysterious medal changes color. For medal design and production, please find Nubo, free design proofing, and consult 13829283709 (same number on WeChat), we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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