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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-06
There are generally two forms of engraving the font of the medal, one is engraved on a mold and then die-casted, and the other is lasered on by a laser marking machine. What is the difference between these two fonts engraved on the medal at the same time? This article will reveal to you the difference between the laser font and the die-cast font. From the above picture, we can see that the words of the 2019 Civic Cup are very three-dimensional, and the runner-up plus the English letters below are as printed, and the two are naturally incomparable. So we came to the conclusion that the three-dimensional effect of the font carved by the mold is very strong, which raises the whole medal to a level, while the laser marking machine laser has no sense of font. In terms of time, mold engraving fonts take a long time, while laser fonts are very fast. It usually takes a few seconds to complete. From the overall point of view of the medals, the fonts carved by the mold have clear lines, obvious embossed fonts, and a very good feel. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose mold carving when you customize the medal!
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