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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-03
The webbing is a very important accessory for medals. Many competition companies have very high requirements for webbing, including not only the size and color of the webbing. How big is the general medal webbing? The medal custom manufacturer has revealed to us three common webbing sizes, which are used in different occasions. Now for your reference: 20mm * 900 mm This type of webbing is relatively narrow and is mainly suitable for Sports meets for elementary and middle school competitions. 25mm * 900 mm. This kind of webbing size is very common. General marathon events, scenic commemorative ribbons, college games, events of non-governmental organizations, etc. will all be made into this size. This size of 30mm * 900 mm is mainly used in international events, such as international marathon events, Olympics, competitions, world championships, etc., are all made in this size. Of course, this size is not fixed. Major customers can customize the webbing size according to their actual needs! Related Searches: Medal Custom Manufacturers
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