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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-10
At 10:00 on June 28, 2019, Beijing time, the Chengdu Marathon Organizing Committee officially announced that the registration for the 2019 Chengdu International Marathon will start. The registration time will last until 22:00 on July 5, 2019. The game will start at 7:30 am on October 27, 2019 (Sunday). In addition, Nubo understands that the result of the winning will be announced before the end of July. At that time, please pay attention to the winning information! The Chengma is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Athletics Association and the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Chengdu Sports Bureau, Chengdu Media Group, Chengdu Tianfu New District Management Committee, Chengdu High-tech District Management Committee, Jinjiang District People’s Government, Qingyang District People’s Government, The Jinniu District People's Government and the Wuhou District People's Government are co-organized, Chengdu Media Group as the executive unit, Wanda Sports as the exclusive operation and promotion unit, and the World Marathon Grand Slam League as the guiding unit. Race scale: The scale of the finished horse race is as high as more than 30,000 people, including: full marathon 42.195km with a maximum of 15,000 people; half marathon 21.0975km with a maximum of 10,000 people; happy run with a maximum of 5,000 people; registration fee: 1. Chinese applicants (including Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan): RMB 180 per person for the marathon; RMB 150 per person for the half marathon; RMB 100 per person for the happy run. 2. Foreign applicants: USD 60 per person for the marathon; USD 50 per person for the half marathon; USD 30 per person for the happy run. 3. Charity registration fee: 1,500 yuan per person. Closing time of each event: (Everyone who participates in the completion of the race should pay attention to it, and you must run the entire race before closing, otherwise you will not get the finishing marathon medal!) The completion of each race can be described as very grand, and it also reflects China. The cultural charm of the capital of abundance is enough to allow the entire citizen to actively participate in the event that contributes to their strength. Of course, it is not only the enthusiastic citizens, but also the attention of the runners. Every time when the registration channel for the finished horses is opened, many runners sigh, 'The annual finished horses are finally open for registration!' Of course, the lovely and beautiful Chengdu that continues to attract the attention of runners Marathon medals! The medals for finished horses are quite attractive to runners, not only for children, but also for adults. Nubo counted the medals of the finished horses over the years, and found that the medals of the finished horses in each session were carefully crafted, original and very beautiful. It has also been awarded as one of the best-looking marathon medals of the year by major media many times. What will the Chengdu Marathon medals look like this year? What theme will it be designed with? Everyone will wait and see!
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