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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-10
Say goodbye with the lazy past, hello new day! Age is not a gap, the marathon allows me to start a new life. Marathon is a sport that tests endurance extremely. The increase in age does not mean the decline in endurance sports performance, some people are better. Generally, the age of marathon participants is between 20 and 50, and most of them are between 30 and 40 years old. They usually finish the race in about 4 hours. Among the marathon participants, the number of women is increasing year by year. Although their physical stamina is not much superior to that of boys, their grades are also slower. But through the data, the percentage growth rate of women's participation is higher than that of men, reflecting that women love this kind of life very much. Every healthy person can become an excellent runner. The development of the marathon drives the improvement of the physical fitness of the whole people. So this is one of the reasons why the national government vigorously promotes marathon events. But people's physical fitness declines with age. Fortunately, we can break the decline in physical function through exercise. Every serious amateur runner should have his own sports goals. For male runners under the age of 40, the best performance is within 3 hours, and for female runners under the age of 40, the best performance is within 3 hours and 20 minutes. After the age of 40, a person's physical fitness drops by 1.5% every 5 years. This decline in human physical fitness is not unbreakable. If you maintain 5 days a week and spend 1.5 hours training every day, you can achieve your goal through 1 to 2 years of training. A marathon can benefit a lifetime. We often find that in the marathon, there are many grandpas in the sixtieth year among the ranks. This makes a large number of young people feel ashamed, it takes many years of training to have such a good endurance! Because the marathon is a sport without age boundaries. No matter how many times you are, as long as you can still run, you can stick to the way forward. Indeed, a marathon can change a person's temperament and spirit. It makes the runners full of vigor, which has become one of the reasons why many people insist on running marathons. What changes can you bring to people by persisting in running? The editor of Nubo understands the following 7 points, and share it with you who insist on running! 1. Make people young. Persisting in running 4 hours a week and 2 hours of strength training can keep people young, delay aging, and even maintain healthy body characteristics that look younger than their actual age. 2. Quick thinking Jogging can increase the oxygen supply of the brain, make your thinking more agile, and then produce great creativity. 3. Self-cultivation. For people who spend a long time indoors, running can make them breathe fresh air and relieve work pressure. If you work in a city with great pressure, you may want to run in your spare time to gain your body and spirit. And spiritual comfort. 4. Make people sunny and have positive energy to run slowly and enduringly, which can make people get a moderate pleasure after running. Runners also feel this kind of fun when running with runners of their own level. 5. Health When running, the human body exchanges substances with nature, and the body's immunity can be enhanced by more than 30%. After running, people will feel clear-headed and emotionally stable, making it easier to fall asleep. The body will become healthier, stronger, with stronger resistance to stress and resistance. Cardiopulmonary function will increase, blood pressure and heart rate will drop, and the risk of myocardial infarction will be greatly reduced. 6. Better body. Long-distance or high-intensity running training and a lot of strength training can help you control your weight. You can estimate your daily energy intake and consumption, so that the two are roughly balanced. 7. Running competitions enable runners to enjoy the fun of success. Participating in running competitions can bring fun. Not only can they receive exquisite finish medals, but also the runners can taste the taste of success. Achievement is a ladder for runners to progress, and medals are to motivate runners to continuously improve their personal performance and achieve their sports goals. At the same time, it is also a symbol of witnessing many runners walking through the mountains and rivers of the motherland. Related searches: running team medal production
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