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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-07
The editor has seen many swimming medals, but the most memorable one is the 2019 Chongqing Kaizhou Changyou Hanfeng Lake Swimming Open Finishing Medal. What kind of charm does it have memorable? For this reason, we contacted the medal manufacturer Nubo, took a finishing medal, and explained to you: Size: 93.4 mm * 76.9 mm Weight: 101.3 g Thickness: 5mm Manufacturer: Nubo Material: Zinc Alloy Plating: Bronze Through the above data, we can easily understand the size and material of the medals. The whole is electroplated bronze. The medals are composed of elements such as Kaizhou Wenfeng Pagoda, swimmers, and Hanfeng Lake. The process of making swimming medals includes: zinc alloy die-casting process, electroplating process, baking paint process, etc. We can see that the sky blue font, the blue water of Shanghai and the Wenfeng Tower, imply that the environment of Chongqing Hanfeng Lake is very original and beautiful, and the swimmer with open arms is covered with white waves. Isn't it the finisher who is struggling to make breakthroughs?
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