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Metal badge belongs to the badge, Medal) One of the metal badge manufacturers told us

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-10
Metal badge belongs to the badge, Medal) One of the metal badges manufacturer told us that belong to the badge ( Medal) A, in general is mainly composed of stamping, die-casting, bite version of the process, the surface of the badge can be gold-plated, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel plating effect, etc. It has the characteristic such as concise fluent, pattern is concave and convex have send can use paint, enamel, printing surface, such as color process make the product more richness. Badges, copper gold and silver badge is the most expensive, the second is the cheapest metal zinc alloy iron badges, badge badge what are some of the common material? Metal badges custom is the use of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver metal materials, such as after a certain badge process is made and be become. In recent years, the badge collection value more and more highlighted, in particular the made of metal material badges and MEDALS, but also become the mainstream of the badge production, such as high-grade badge of enamel badges and imitation enamel badges, badge and the lacquer that bake, and made of iron metal badge, the price is relatively cheap refrigerator manufacturers said these are customer badge. Copper: copper ( Including brass, copper, copper) Is the metal of choice for high-grade badge, and among them, the copper is used for making enamel badges, brass and bronze is mainly used for imitation enamel badges and badge of the lacquer that bake, metal badges. Copper, the metal material is relatively soft, it is to use more material, metal badges made metal badge, appearance beautiful, quality excellent, the general thickness of 1. 2 mm, 1. 5 mm or 1. 8 mm, the thickness of the MEDALS is commonly 3 mm, iron: iron is our one of the most common material.
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