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Metal badge is the key link in the original is it?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-09
Badges made roughly steps believe each customized badges manufacturer all know, also have in mind, but a lot of customers would ignore the important point, that is - Check and accept! Inspection is an important link of metal badges, is also a key one step, usually the inspection method is an initial production inspection, production process inspection, finished product random sampling, but involves the badge customers and making badge is not in the same place, can't go to badge company inspection, brought certain difficulties to the inspection, only inspection when receive the goods in. Today we mainly explain how custom badge after receive acceptance? Look at the outer packing: badge products are generally not be sent by Courier, if get your hand, it found that the outer packing damage, must be careful to check before they can sign it. View under the appearance of the badge, badge order company in the production of badges, badge will give customers a sample confirmed draft, contrast to confirm draft check badges have not made wrong, including the coloring of the emblem, badge accessories, badges plating effect, badge material ( Is available to identify the badge magnet iron or copper) And so on. Count the number of badges: this is a very important step, badges of inspection company will send a few pieces of more general emblem badge, need to draw up invoices, did have a look at the attached invoice. Crossbow Po handicraft warm prompt: the customer must be upon receipt of the finished product made with the metal badges, after carefully check, after the salesman confirm with badges customized company sign in! Crossbow Po handicraft thank you for your trust!
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