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Methods for judging quality badge?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-27
We all know that metal badge custom commonly used materials mainly metal materials, so we have what method to determine whether it is a high quality badge? Printing badges, bite version of the badge, glue badges and badge of the lacquer that bake, its production process is relatively simple, can be popular badges. Made of iron or alloy badge, in particular, is more appropriate to the price have special requirements of customers. Badge customization production process is one of the important elements of high quality badges. But, in general, all high quality items, its manufacturing process will be relatively complicated. Cloisonne process is one of the badge manufacturing complex in the process, so the cloisonne badges is real high quality badges. Gold and silver is not metal badges customization of commonly used materials. High quality badges materials for copper, special is the copper and copper, copper and copper material is qualitative soft, can easily constitute a design for all kinds of badges in appearance. Other copper material also has good erosion resistance, abrasion resistance, forging and excellent mechanical functions, so make it to the materials of high quality badge. Crossbow badge, professional custom manufacturer, high quality, reasonable price, considerate service, select it for it!
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