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Organic glass can prevent ultraviolet ray?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-21
About organic glass can prevent ultraviolet ray, the answer is not, is the most excellent polymer transparent organic glass materials, light transmittance of 92%, high light transmittance of than glass. Called artificial small sun sun lamp tube is made of quartz, this is because quartz can completely through the ultraviolet light. Ordinary glass can only through 0. 6% of the ultraviolet (uv), but can through 73% organic glass. Therefore organic glass is not filter out uv rays, can pass through 73% of the ultraviolet light. But some acrylic manufacturers in order to increase its filtering effect and properties of ultraviolet ray, the yakeli the surface coating processing, through the coating process, organic glass can achieve uv protection effect. On the other hand, under the irradiation of ultraviolet conditions, compared with a PC, organic glass has better stability. Actually common organic glass properties is relatively stable, under the condition of long-term outdoor exposure, exposure time more than a few years is only a slight discoloration, will not affect the use of the product appearance and function.
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