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by:Noble Awards     2021-02-09
If you need quotation, please provide the following information so that we can fast and accurate quotation ( 1) Product design drawing or sample, Best is a vector diagram, CDR or AI format documents) ( 2) Product size, thickness, material, plating color ( 3) Provide domestic color or PANTONE color number ( 4) Product production quantity and requirements such as factory tel: 0755 - 84533381 telephone: 18138839981 contact: Cheng Mingzhi factory address: shenzhen ping shan district kengzi street with rich industrial zone no. 24 is the role of two green fork ball leveling, bring the green to flatness, does not affect the other players push hit route! ! Specific method is right hand fork, the green stand down, his body bent forward, left hand at the edge of the mark, right leg knee natural curve, bend your knees on the green light, his left foot with the green fork first light to pick the ball will be printed in the middle of the grass to loose ( Summer the green printed big to remove dead skin cells, or you will die form macular affect beautiful and uncoordinated) , and then to push the green fork ball seal edge inserts, the green grass toward the ball marks in crowded, and steadfast with their feet trample flat to achieve smooth green surface.
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