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Store decoration with acrylic or glass?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-01
Organic glass and the glass is a kind of transparent acrylic material, look and feel is very similar, if not a professional or identify carefully, the average person, can't distinguish the difference between the two. But there is a acrylic glass incomparable advantage, because this advantage yakeli replace glass in many ways, being used more and more widely, most evident at the mall. Because of the yakeli organic glass is actually a kind of plastic. As is known to all, plastic and glass, which kind of feel safer, not easy fracture? Of course is plastic. Inside the mall is a place where most traffic, especially on holidays, because each big market will make activities, so many people crowded in the purchase of goods. Especially some famous brand, so the time store in the bustling crowd jostled each other easily. If the glass is, although there is a certain hardness, but if you don't care to be sharp objects, it's easy to cause broken glass, also can cut a person's skin, cause harm. Such a thing in the news is also common occurance. So now the market most of the glass will be replaced by organic glass. Even if is really organic glass is broken, but because it is plastic, so the harm to human body will be greatly reduced. Not only that, in fact is what we call an acrylic, organic glass because of the different from acrylic production and glass production for, acrylic paint more easily, a lot of stores want to attract customers, must be beautiful, so in their store brand will use organic glass, using a special color. Even some acrylic to make the hollow form, then fill the bags with tubes, so that you can have different color, so it seems that the whole store more energetic. Dongguan Noble allow organic glass processing factory production, production of acrylic products for all kinds of commercial enterprises reveal frame, advanced equipment, exquisite workmanship, reliable! Hotline: 4008959252
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