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Sylphy process discuss about how to choose the crystal trophy?

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-13
Tens of thousands of kinds of crystal trophy on the market, full of beautiful things in eyes, when we buy, how to choose the crystal trophy, attention should be paid to the following items: look from the shape: square, round, oval, candle, lotus, diamond, etc. On the installation method: hanging, upright, Mosaic. From making material: there are gold plated, Silver, chromium, nickel, etc. ) Metal frame, delicate lace metal, glass, crystal, etc. As long as the purpose and nature of master cup considering hang put the location of function, combined with the decoration style, from the cup shape, grade, size, quality of a material into consideration, such as can be found in the style of susceptibility of various, various trophies you need trophy. Trophy style: cup shape, should be in harmony with the indoor environment, decorate a style. Hang put crystal trophy, usually is suitable for the modern style of the hall, the hall is decorated, display the splendid style, suit to choose trendy fashion model, geometric patterns, art deco. The size of the cup: the size of the cup should match the space size, height. For example: in the space of the broad hall, hall, giant crystal trophy, hanging high up in the central, not only can show the showily elegance of the environment, focus on people's eyes, and can highlight grade, proper rendering atmosphere. It is important to note that in the structure of the civil engineering design and construction, on line and so on all have a overall arrangement, so, the patterns of the ceiling should be paid attention to match the selected style; Trophy should take into account the weight of the bearing force of condole top, there must be at least double the safety coefficient of insurance. Surface treatment: general crystal trophy ( Including the crystal trophy, crystal trophy) The surface treatment in the majority with 24 k gold plating, can show the effect of the vehicles, exquisitely carved. The base of the real 24 k gold plating, the bright color can keep at least 5 years; Acid gold or imitation gold processing base, when purchasing a trophy, often not easy to distinguish, consumers should to good reputation, sales of high-grade trophy store the choose and buy is good. The 24 k gold processing, short, 2, 3 months, long gears, base surface will appear black rust spots. Material: high-grade crystal cup, will use through national certification of safety coefficient is high, the quality of material. Cheap, shoddy materials, not only can damage the rights and interests of consumers, but it can also cause wire with sticky, easy to aging, short circuit, lead to serious consequences such as fire. Lighting effects: to give full play to the effect, make the crystal lamp act the role ofing light source must be clear, do not use frosted or color bulbs, only with ordinary clear and bright light bulb ( Commonly known as & other; Light throughout bravery &; ) Can achieve the result of crystalline light color magnificent. Can also be equipped with a light from the darkness calibration switch, easy to satisfy the different time, the needs of different occasions
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