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by:Noble Awards     2020-05-25
With acrylic material has been exploited, the advantages of the acrylic is widely applied in various industries, and gradually in our daily life more common is a variety of high-grade fine reveal frame, such as supermarket display, watch display, jewelry display shelf, etc. Organic glass is a kind of new product now, it will promote the development of it industry, especially the development of the advertising industry, and is now building industry. Its appearance has brought the industry more development opportunities. The organic glass according to the mode of production has many advantages, not only the quality of the material and on the summary of the presence of organic glass production technology. Users can see now are the characteristics of acrylic, also know a lot about the organic glass all performance, and the use value. Organic glass has strong transparency, a colorless transparent organic glass, its light transmittance can reach above 92%. The identification method of acrylic products, mainly is: a, touch identification method: good acrylic material fruity and silky feel, not easy to leave perspiration, finger print etc. Second, observe identification method: to observe the colour and lustre is uniform of acrylic products. Three, burn identification method: good acrylic material is not flammable. Four, pervious to light identification method: good acrylic light passes very pure white, not yellow or blue, of course, the light is white, light transmittance is different; Five, the difference of acrylic is crisp, the sun and quickly fade, lose their original luster; There are many other simple way, also hope you use my Venus will to choose their materials. There are many many people don't know acrylic thickness, so at the time of custom acrylic advertising, a lot of thickness is not defined, but chose to casually, led to a number of the product is unqualified or specification.
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