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The 2017 tangshan international marathon custom MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-10

Central city of tangshan is the Beijing and tianjin tang industrial base in hebei province is located in the east, the bohai sea in the south, north depends on yanshan, channel of the throat is in north China and northeast region. Tangshan has beautiful scenery, small bridge, flowing water, somebody else, blue bricks, HeiWa, flaggings & hellip; … Lets a person as if walking in a picture ink and wash! Tangshan culture spirit, deep & other; Don't eat Zhou Su & throughout; 、“ Sense comes with age & throughout; Qi jiguang, & other; Change bucket & throughout; Such as allusions have occurred in here! More delight the runners is 2017 tangshan international marathon will be held on October 29th running events from & other; Half horse & throughout; Upgrade to & other; All horses & throughout; 2017 tangshan international marathon race information on the date of the event: on October 29th, Sunday) Event location: hebei tangshan games: full marathon, 42. 195 km) Half marathon ( 21. 0975 km) 7· 28 commemorative run ( 7. 28 km) Size: 10000 people. Full marathon is limited to 3000 people, half marathon, 3000, 7 & middot; 28 of 4000 people running. You monkey, crossbow custom MEDALS, marathon and custom MEDALS

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