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The exact moment on metal, mold texture of MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-22
Crossbow, was established in Taiwan in 1984, started from a small workshop, more than 10 people after decades of accumulated experience, has become the main badge custom brand on the market, from overseas market to expand in the domestic market, positioning for the high-end metal handicraft production. In general, we are engaged in domestic logo products production enterprises established in the earlier, larger scale, technology is mature and perfect one of the few manufacturers. When hard metal in laser cutting and polishing, is doomed to be a beautiful fusion, resolute power technology of copper with colorful decoration, this is may be a good present, crossbow bo MEDALS MEDALS groove reveals is the longing for freedom and longing for the future, this is maintain a kind of self float in the sky, to bring new vigor and charm, fashion handicraft infinite luxurious and noble, lead the global all the various customers favor! On the basis of the classical embossing, crossbow technology in accordance with the requirements of the provisions of the sketches of the size of the cut the copper into small piece, input laser application, for text LOGO, the pattern of operation, such as laser embossing become more efficient with delicate way of production, sophisticated technology, have qualitative feeling, stereo sense is outstanding, make hard metal elegant embodiment of value of 'souvenirs, created the repeatedly surprise on the vision, let a person feel is here a fresh visual impact. Every medal MEDALS, give a person to present a rigorous and nobility, give leisurely medal soul and spirit, deep with in each person, the beauty of blooming distinctive handed down, incomparable fine process to let a person have to admire weapon of the master.
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