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The nature of the COINS

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-15
Can be divided into two categories, precious metal commemorative COINS and ordinary COINS. Ordinary COINS including ordinary metal COINS and commemorative bank notes. Ordinary metal COINS is divided into production of COINS and refined. Ordinary COINS material is used for paper printing money or casting ordinary metal COINS, face shows its legal value, mainly Chinese and foreign events, festivals, anniversaries and precious animals as subjects and casting design. Is a national issue can flow but a memorable legal tender. After the release, can with other current circulated in the currency market, its cash flow amount credited to market, become a part of the money supply. Therefore, circulation coin is legal tender in the first place. Their face value is commonly: one jiao, one yuan, wu yuan, ten yuan, etc. , can be like ordinary paper currency equivalent listed circulation. Circulation coin, however, is not only a simple currency, or by one of the important topics in honor of object specially issued currency. Therefore, it must be memorable. The moral of this memorable to pass design, writing expression to come out of the full performance. Such as the great series of commemorative COINS, the people known as the great avatar from the design, outstanding theme, simple and clear. The 35th anniversary of National Day 1 set of three COINS, positive pattern are formed by guo, badge, square, fireworks, National Day the festive atmosphere of the be clear at a glance. Highlight the main points in the choice of subject matter, circulation coin, its series. In terms of subject matter, highlight the major historical events, elite and particularly important reality. These COINS also constitutes a series, such as the great man series, National Day series, sports series, a series of autonomous region was established, the establishment of the special administrative region series, precious animal series and so on, from one side reflects our country's politics, economy, culture, sports, science and technology, etc. The precious metal commemorative COINS, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium COINS precious metal or its alloy casting COINS, such as the material is gold, silver and other precious metals. Theme is extensive, workmanship, entertaining and more for complete packet. The coin shape is round, square, choi currency and coin sector, its face value wu yuan, ten yuan, three yuan, five yuan, one dollars RMB, wu bai yuan, above, etc. , the currency price is generally equal to value of dozens of times or one hundred times. Therefore, symbolic denomination currency symbol, does not mean its real value, can't flow, its face value is not recorded in the market for cash flow. COINS in as well as the special ACTS as a universal equivalent goods, also has a high collection, preservation and investment value.
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