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The Olympic Games before the first world war, strongest ning Malone who can replica trophy?

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-29
From the 2019 world championships and three days, the ping are preparing for war on a full, liu guoliang is back on the world attaches great importance to, as long as eight days training in Austria, let's see the ping new training direction, and the longing for the champion, ping sent all main force lineup, also hope that the Olympic Games in Tokyo before. Use the morale of the champion to fight rivals, to improve the ping of the vigor, before the world championships, four big attraction. Preheat for world championships in advance. New power grab class it is well known that the ping talent has been the norm for many years, can win the championship player is very few, Ma Longxu xin, ding liu shiwen, though still when the play of the year, but the reserve forces to let them feel the pressure, NanPing, FanZhenDong Malone in the Asian cup finally turned the mountain, if it can be on the world once again beat Malone, update the iteration is a foregone conclusion, Chen Meng NvPing, Wang Man yu, Sun Yingsha is a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, foreign wars is exciting, but civil war is our focus. Day ping is still the biggest threat while in Qatar and before the Asian cup, ping wiped out, none in men and women's singles final, but you win some common, and China still is day ping ping's biggest threats. NanPing, Zhang Benzhi and continuous on the Asian cup defeat to Malone and FanZhenDong, low morale, but the international table tennis federation still believe Zhang Benzhi and can break to keep the record at the 80 world championships, became the youngest champion player. NvPing, ITO, beauty is swept by ding in Qatar, but ITO, beauty of mind is extremely powerful and a defeat would make her more and more strong, before the world championships, ITO beauty honestly in an interview, hope hope to recreate the Swedish open again ping grams nation three main feat, ambitious, let the ping can't neglect. Malone ding who can replica trophy Malone's win in 2015 and 2017 world championships singles, ding won three times in 2011201 and 2017 women's singles champion, the international table tennis federation rules, all can three-peat or discontinuous title four times or more players, will receive a trophy can keep forever. Only in the history of the ping elder chuang tsetung and wang nan won the men's and women's singles title and name, permanent is the highest praise of a player, but the difficulty of comparable Olympic champion. Malone ding want to win the championship, the first to resist external threats, and then is the ping of the impact of the new. Team honor above all else personal honor is important, but the team honor above all else, all the games are built on the basis of the team honors, resultant force resisting foreign, to ensure that the ping to the final in advance, the rest can only consider personal. World is divided into men's singles, women's singles and doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles five projects, ping the reservations, the men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles three champions will, the doubles and women's doubles their strongest didn't send, trying to hit a medal is also a big attraction, were able to win the championship is a surprise. But fans to support the ping won all five titles. For the team to get the champion, is the highest achievement of personal honor.
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