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The source of the trophy, online the most trophies is introduced in detail

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-31
The cup ( English: the Trophy) Is for those who have outstanding performance in the field of a certain people and units provided by a reward items, especially in the mass sports activities in the common tour, sports players through fair competition to win the victory, the winner will get the sponsor to give certain items as a reward. Because the cup for cup more, thus the name, but also some other rewards not use cup shape, they may use the shape of the disc, portrait, sculpture, or other. Awarded a basic introduction to the football World Cup championship trophy and the Oscar statuette in the film industry, etc. , are world famous trophy, is seen as a highest honor symbol of this field. Trophy defining events of cup prizes awarded to outstanding candidates. The cup history of China as early as BC YanZhou in China more than 3000 years of age, as the archery, there has been a trophy. 'Rites' carrying call dao often of officials, had a cow hanging on a bamboo pole with trenches and colorful feathers hanging on hundred paces of silver glass, shot glass would be set to a prize. Friends to sui and tang dynasties to brocade do flag as a souvenir of award winners, called & other; Trophy & throughout; 。 The 9th century tang dynasty, the chess game the winner of the award to GaiJinHua bowl. Song dynasty when the prevalence of dragon boat racing game, also with silver bowl for the prize. Method is to bowl, hanging on the key benchmark, of first come the silver bowl, called & other; Win & throughout; 。 The history of western trophy in the west, love cup trophy is originated from Britain. According to western history, Britain has a name is Edward king once sitting on a horse, took the others to give a glass of wine to drink, the assassins from behind a knife stabbed to death. From then on, the party in Britain formed a kind of etiquette: a big glass, passed in the guest, round a week; Whenever a guest to take the glass, not only to stand up, and even at his side also has to stand up, said & other; Protect & throughout; Drinkers may not like Edward be countered. The etiquette of glass, called love cup ( 爱杯) 。 Cup was dedicated to love & other; Gentleman & throughout; The precious gift. Later, people turn to this & other; Loving cup & throughout; Presented to the winner of the game, which evolved into a trophy now. Modern trophy is by this & quot; Loving cup & quot; Has evolved. Until now the cup also retains & quot; Loving cup & quot; The trace. Such as trophies are generally bigger, most with two long ears, these characteristics are & quot; Loving cup & quot; The legacy. Trophy material general material three 1. Metals ( Commonly used copper, zinc alloy die casting or forging forming, surface plating and polishing. Overall sedate and easy) 2. Crystal class ( Artificial crystal is given priority to, half machine and hand polished and become, glittering and translucent get rid of whole, different light Angle can reflect the different effect. 3. Dewaxing coloured glaze material trophy ( Lead artificial crystal containing 24% of the original raw material, high refractive index, permeability is strong. ) 4. Composite ( A variety of material together: such as resin, plastic mould cast surface plating with metallic effect. Also useful metal, stone, wood, composite. ) Crystal trophy is introduced with the popular of crystal gifts, crystal trophy also gradually emerge in many material of the cup, have the advantage of crystal glittering and translucent get rid of artificial crystal trophy modelling also basic can achieve the shape of the metal cup ( Crystal trophy full split is a geometrical figure, unlike metal can open casting, so too abstract model do not to come out. ) , at present many trophies are crystal trophy. Blue and white porcelain cup crystal trophy has widespread popularity, on design style, there is no more breakthroughs. Go before the cup on the basis of the white marble material, to apply Chinese blue and white porcelain craft on the trophy, formed the different style of the cup. Metal metal materials generally have gold, silver, platinum and palladium, copper, gold, this kind of trophy for its material itself is valuable, as a trophy with its more ZhenGuiXing, the winners are greater rewards.
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