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The story behind the marathon medal!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-11
More and more in recent years marathon, running pile up MEDALS will more and more friends. Greatly small box full of MEDALS in the corner of the home, how many times want to discard all these belong to the past glory of impulse, but open and see, every medal so dazzling, so precious. Marathon medal for runners, is not just a hard piece of iron, it is the symbol of supreme honor, soaked himself didn't know the pain and joy, is a stage of life. But in addition to running the friends of hard and honor, bitterness to customize how many people know that the marathon medal! Marathon medal custom commonly used materials have copper, iron, zinc alloy, tin alloy, such as more material, craft is the enamel, enamel, copper, iron, etching of the lacquer that bake paint of the lacquer that bake, print & hellip; , such as electroplating gold, silver, copper, ancient gold, ancient silver, bronze, gold, sardines, silver sardines. 。 。 And so on. Marathon medal order process: drawing - - Numerical control - - Engraving - - Its die - - Die casting - - To flash - - Welding accessories - - Polishing - - Electroplating - - Color - - Singapore - - The quality - - Finished product every step has a professional staff of elaborate, after more than 10 steps only made a small marathon medal! So we should cherish our every awards, because it represents not only an honor, it also represents the staff's hard work! Crossbow, tourism handicraft with 33 years development history, is a professional custom-made production metal badge, medal, MEDALS, key chain, and sports 'arts and crafts of high quality customized business. And marathon runner with the same passion and dream, we together with you the joy of sharing movement!
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