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These four things done, your acrylic handicraft is more exquisite

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-10
In recent years, with the improving people's living standard and the pursuit of fashion, because the organic glass itself has superior performance, such as transparency, qualitative light, weather resistance, impact resistance, easy forming, organic glass handicraft is more and more by consumers like. So in elaborate acrylic crafts need to pay attention to what issues? The first is the material. Choose imported materials, quality is better. Purity is higher than domestic 20%, 15% higher transparency, the second is 10 years does not change color not yellow mold production. Organic glass plate by positioning, vacuum pressure forming, even the same word, also need different mould, different size and mould making itself requires high accuracy of good quality. Because the precision of mold itself, the quality is directly related to the quality of the organic glass products, and make mould with high technological level, need experienced technicians. The third is the post-production. Said before, in front of the organic glass handicraft production base is now mechanized production, the application of some new equipment to improve production efficiency at the same time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. Plexiglass blister material basic type, pass edge milling, ornamental engraving and milling, grinding and so on several process, finally the organic glass handicraft laid the light source, the lacquer that bake, organic glass handicraft is completed. The fourth is image processing. According to the different need of customers, through the silk screen printing directly to the image transfer to the organic glass plate, after after vacuum pressure forming, images of characters, animals, or merchandise image, stereo effect can take shape, and better propaganda effect is obtained. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. , specializing in acrylic processing manufacturers, is the present domestic most professional plexiglass ( Acrylic) One of the products production base. 20 years of professional technicians, imported materials, professional team, leading technology, rich solution, let you more worry! You can also according to own hobby acrylic product customization. Whether it is style, color, specifications, logo, packaging, we can according to your needs for your custom. Only you think, no we can't do, this is our strength!
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