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To customer demand as the guide, continuous improvement badge customized technology and production cycle

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-23
Crossbow, has been committed to provide consumers with high quality, practical, metal crafts, has special significance to us through the design, production, packaging to the terminal inspection of every link with the customer, to deliver to the customer is responsible for, the credibility of the enterprise is responsible for the business philosophy. Pulled up and down to provide clients with badges, MEDALS, security with high quality products, let the customer absolutely be assured that choose us, anniversary of the badge products can be passed as the enterprise spirit, cultural transmission, development of witness a commemoration of arts and crafts. Perhaps you will ask, why a crossbow technology companies in the industry influence so good? Because, crossbow, down-to-earth, one step at a time, take the customer demand as the guide, continuous improvement in technology and the production cycle, through the upgrade process, extension, supplier chain demand to reduce customer acquisition cost, quality, and the price is the same, so as to make the crossbow Po series police badges, metal key chain, police badges, commemorative order continuously, the demand. Each product, whether simple or complex, are processed through multiple processes, metal crafts, a metal badge products can do, the premise is to open mold well, as long as the mould open, subsequent processing is very good, if there is no open mould, subsequent processing need to spend a lot of energy to repair the mould, so we attach great importance to this, there is a professional mold master, has its own mold room, equipped with complete mould machine. Metal badge mold opening is good, then there is engraving forming, crossbow Po as early as 2009, the introduction of many sets of automatic CNC engraving machine, CNC3D engraving machine. All operators are trained qualified mount guard after operation. Points in class in the morning and evening, and documentary personnel have not regular sampling engraving embryo quality, to see if there are wounds, color defects affect the subsequent processing. Have professional workers pull shuikou, laser engraving, welding nails, silver welding, polishing, make the product more smooth and bright. After surface treatment back to electroplating, plating after you come back again according to the customer's requirements for all kinds of glue, glue drilling, testing, packaging, delivery later. Guided by the needs of customers, continuously improve badge customized technology and the production cycle The pursuit of high quality, practical, low price is our constant goal. We invite interested or want to demand custom badges, MEDALS, key customers to inspection, quality crossbow, metal crafts, produce large scale is not large, supply ability inspection is clear, we welcome your arrival. Crossbow bo badge custom case: http://www. ysgou。 com/dzal。 HTML hotline: 86 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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