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To do this, let the customer satisfaction of badge is no longer difficult!

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-14
Custom craft gift company has this kind of feeling, when received orders from the custom badges, in fact, happy and sad in my heart, to the delight of a single, sad is a customer to the price is low, sometimes make a badge doesn't make the customer satisfied, some customers also is not very clear what you want is what kind of badges, so as a result, customers are not satisfied, customer service is also very sad, so how to make the customer satisfaction of badge? This is a very headache problem. Today, these handicraft will tell everyone to solve this problem, we so many years of experience! 1. The customer must understand their own customized badges USES purpose and use circumstance is badge making one of the most important factors. Is the games emblem? Is to reward employees badges, or enterprise employees wear badges? Is tourism souvenir badges? Or the school crest? Or holiday badge and so on. Badges custom need a clear purpose. If you have no idea, you will need to communicate with crossbows blog service, clear the purpose of the badge, such as the upcoming National Day coming Mid-Autumn emblem commemorative badges. 2. Choose badge material is very important to make the badge of metal materials are mainly gold and silver, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, stainless iron, tin, etc. , non-metallic materials are mainly acrylic, PVC soft rubber, etc. In general in order to reflect the high-end properties of badges, the use of pure copper (general Also is the enamel badges) , slightly cheaper in zinc alloy, tinplate badge is the cheapest. Material selection need according to the customer is willing to accept the price to make a decision, such as some of the Olympic Games commemorative badges with sterling silver and other high-grade metal materials, and some of the sales promotion activity requires cheap tin. 3. Understand badge making badge of different process of the production process is also the important factors that affect badge prices. Not colored badges are much cheaper than color badge, badges and main points of the lacquer that bake process coloring and imitation enamel craft of the lacquer that bake, concave and convex surface, color area is lower than the metal area imitation enamel craft: smooth surface if the color of the badge on the requirement of gradient, and then you need to print the pattern onto the paper and then paste to the metal surface, and then placed on a transparent protection layer resin, this is 4 printing glue process. Badge badge parts choose the current production in order to avoid damage of badges pinhole penetrates the clothes clothes fabric, are generally adopts magnetic adsorption, which requires the badge with a piece of iron to absorb the magnet, the price will be higher, other parts of the needles and butterfly cap ( Gold, bright nickel) , size bigger of the two can use two sets of thorn needle, or a safety pin. 5. Badges way of packing the default package is usually a badge a small plastic bag, also can use other forms of packaging ( Including the plastic box, JinHe, velvet box, etc. ) 6. Surface plating according to different design, can be gold-plated, nickel plating, silver plating, ancient bronze, ancient copper, the surface can be sanded, light equal effect, and added a layer of transparent protective resin ( Also called polly) 。 7. The more complex the design of emblem design proposal, the more color, the price will be higher, and many badges effect cannot be achieved in actual production, such as the badge on the line directly if the spacing is less than 1 mm, will be difficult to handle. All badges design Suggestions as far as possible concise and easy. Before the design and the process need to constantly communicate with crossbows bo designers. To figure it is best to vector graphics. 8. The thickness of the badge size copper stamping thickness is 1 by default. 2 mm, zinc alloy and other materials of various thickness are available. By understanding the main points of the badge production, a new customer also can make a good choice, so as to make out to satisfactory results.
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