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by:Noble Awards     2020-05-15
Now become more and more popular, transparent box made of glass is fragile. Made basic crystal crystal material is impossible, natural crystal itself is not much, basically now crystal is artificial, have five color crystal quartz heating, its cost is particularly high in cost, but particularly low processing efficiency, so transparent box on market now like to use acrylic material, acrylic plexiglass queen called crystal, high transparency, non-friable, easy processing, material is qualitative light, and many other advantages, acrylic box, beautiful and practical, can buy a few, can also be a large number of mechanical production, can also be family hand-made. Organic glass box is also called an acrylic box, much attention has been paid to its application scope, can be in the home, supermarkets, schools, companies, show, and many other places; Can do receive, display, packaging purposes. Where she could stash tissues, food, goods, materials, pet, cosmetics and other kinds of items. Noble today allow acrylic factory first to share so much, welcome to call our phone. 4008 - 959 - 252
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