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Trophy - custom cases Zhengzhou peaceful life teachers crystal trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-02
Ping an insurance company in order to improve the company's reward system, the company has a better environment for development, the annual performance solidifying his best employee award trophies, as a little encouragement! Because the company itself has no ready-made trophy, so specific find handicraft factory custom trophy. Cup the benefits of custom is: 1, the price is cheap; The material of 2, the cup can be selected according to their financial situation; 3, the text of the trophy can be their own design, factory production. Zhengzhou 2018, ping an life insurance company staff requirements of making the crystal trophy: teacher's day 1: crystal trophy material requirements with K9 crystal material, plastic choose octagonal crystal trophy. 2: production process USES the color printing, significantly more image. Three: size of octagon circle diameter of 15 cm, base with matching. Four: crystal trophy to exquisite gift box.
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