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Whampoa Marathon Medal|Whampoa Marathon Souvenir|Whampoa Marathon Souvenir Coin

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-06
The track and audience enthusiasm of the 2019 Whampoa Marathon is also a thing of the past, but the popularity of medals and commemorative coins has not diminished. The medals of the Huangpu Marathon this year are very distinctive. The half marathon medals are surrounded by silver plating and the middle is gilded, while the full marathon medals are the opposite. The periphery is gilded and the middle is silver. They are called compass-shaped medals, which are quite in line with the characteristics of the Huangpu Port. According to the designer, the design concept of this medal originated from the ancient Silk Road in China. Because Huangpu Port was the birthplace of the ancient Silk Road, the silver ripples also represent the thousand-year history of the Silk Road on the sea. , Which is why I saw medals for the first time, with an ancient charm. The pane pattern on the front of the medal is a folk-colored glazed window, and the lion waking pattern is the traditional culture of Whampoa. The combination of these elements fully demonstrates the history and culture of the Whampoa Marathon medals, which shows the characteristics of Whampoa. It is understood that such a design is also very rare in marathon medals. It can be said to be of great collection significance. Many runners on an e-commerce platform have sold this medal for a price of more than 200 yuan, which also means this medal. The degree of attention is very high. In addition, the official also released the Whampoa Marathon commemorative coins. It was accidentally discovered that the commemorative coin has an amazing similarity to the full marathon medal. It is exactly the mini version of the medal. The elements on the medal are printed uniquely. There is also a beautiful box with the introduction of the Whampoa Military Academy and the song I love Whampoa printed on the back. , The organizing committee can be said to be attentive. The easy-to-carry size is very high-end whether it is a party memorial or a memorial to the runners. The collection of commemorative coins for the Whampoa Marathon is no less popular than the finishing medals. According to reports, the Whampoa Marathon commemorative medal (rudder shape) and the Whampoa Marathon commemorative coin are sold in a limited edition of 500 sets, which is enough to make this commemorative coin stand at the top of the marathon collection.
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