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Whampoa Marathon | This time I won't let the number bibs of the competition clothes press the bottom of the box

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-06
How many marathons have been run, and how many cities have I admired. How many finishing medals have been won and how many times have been refreshed. How many costumes have been worn, and how many bibs have been collected. In addition to the medals, the runners' memorials are the uniforms and bibs. It's a pity that the years have settled. The number bib of the 42.195km race suit that used to fight with you all the way has sunk into the bottom of the box. Engraving renderings The 2019 Whampoa Marathon is coming on schedule. Don't let the number bib of the competition suit press the bottom of the box this time. The Huangpu Marathon Organizing Committee and Nubo Cultural Development Co., Ltd. jointly launched Huangma derivatives. Among them are the number plates of the competition clothes that are convenient to collect and carry, and the names and competition numbers can be engraved for free! Whampoa Marathon cultural and creative derivatives are exclusively sold, if you are interested, please consult!
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