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What are the customized materials for high-end badges?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-07
The badges produced by custom-made badge manufacturers come in various materials, and each material corresponds to a different consumer group, which can also meet the requirements of all customers. For example, when we usually give gifts to people, we will choose general materials, such as tinplate, resin, etc., when custom-made badges. Of course, custom badges also have cost-effective materials-zinc alloys. This type of material is currently the most used and the most widely used. The price is moderate, and the badges made by the production process are very beautiful. But for collectors, this kind of material does not satisfy them. There are relatively high-end materials in the badge customization world, that is, brass, red copper, and copper. For collectors, it is worth considering and has a great collection value. , And keep for a long time. If you have the conditions, there is also a badge made of the most high-end material that is pure gold and silver. This type of badge is very expensive, but the customized badge is very stable and high-end atmosphere!
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