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What are the customized styles of medals?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-29
Medals are a symbol of personal or collective honor and are widely used. It ranges from commendation to international competitions to commendation from home school. This is fair to the winners. They worked hard, got affirmation and praise, and planted a seed of struggle in their hearts. For many organizers who try to use medals to commend players, one of the most common problems is that the customized style of the medals cannot be too ordinary or too luxurious. The editor received many inquiries from customers about the customized styles of medals! For this, I think there is nothing more suitable than experience, and the style of medals is also evolving with the development of the times. What are the specific styles? Let's take a look: 1. Square-shaped medals. One of the characteristics of this type of medals is that they are regular. They can be painted with a complete picture, which looks like a landscape but is better than a landscape. 2. Round medals. This kind of medals is very common and has a wide range of uses. It is almost always used in international competitions and school sports games. 3. Metallic hollow medals. This kind of medals are the products of the new century. The finished products are very three-dimensional, and they are one of the custom-made medal styles chosen by many customers. 4. Special-shaped medals. Custom-made medals of this type are very personalized. You can draw on local materials and design exclusive medals that belong to the local characteristic culture. From the above, we can see that the customized style of medals is nothing more than the above points. When we choose, we must figure out what the theme of the event is, so that we can choose the style of medals in a targeted manner and make good and beautiful medals. . Of course, if you don't have a good design idea, you can leave the design work to our company, and there will be high-end designers to serve you!
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