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What COINS collectable?

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-10

After 80, living in the face of the pressure of the life we all want to be an investor, a family financial management. Many people's eyes stare into the precious metal investment bank's gold and silver COINS. Today is what we are COINS has the collection value, some advice is also to want to invest in new precious metal COINS mainly refers to the gold and silver COINS ( The former Soviet union and platinum, palladium COINS, but a few) 。 Gold and silver COINS has four types: trade circulation of gold and silver COINS, gold and silver COINS, gold and silver COINS, gold silver ( Or dore currency) 。 The earliest COINS are mostly precious metal COINS. Due to the gold and silver shall be uniform, easy and easy points, easy to perform value scale; Body small value is big, easy to carry, easy to perform circulation and payment; Hard and durable, not easy to wear and tear, colour and lustre is lovely, suitable for preservation, easy to store, so & quot; Gold and silver and natural is not money, but money is natural gold and silver & quot; A currency circulation of gold and silver, gold and silver circulation currency used as a means of circulation of gold and silver COINS. Almost every country, as a result of gold and silver price comparison at about 1 in 15, so gold to use less, is a lot of silver. Especially in places such as Spain, Mexico, the United States produced by silver spread around the world. Second, gold and silver COINS of gold and silver COINS means mainly used as memorable gold and silver COINS. Gold and silver COINS also has a long history. Gold and silver COINS and circulation of gold and silver COINS of main difference is that: the former is to collect, the latter is to circulate. Symbolic commemorative limited release, value, design and the craft is exquisite, the price generally far higher than the actual price of precious metals itself. Third, gold and silver trade currency trade currency is specially used as a means of payment in international trade between gold and silver COINS, Also known as hard currency) 。 It is mainly used for 1850 - 1940 imperialism invaded the colonial period, such as in 1873 - the United States 1, issued in 1885 silver dollar trade. It originated in medieval Europe the merchant of Venice. It may have a par value or weight, but more emphasis on its actual content of precious metals. Four, of pure gold silver gold silver is mainly used as a store of gold and silver COINS. Gold silver and dore, often easily confused with gold and silver COINS. Say simply, pure silver ( Sometimes omit & quot; Pure & quot; Words) Is a store of gold and silver COINS collection is needed. Commemorative COINS custom, made of gold and silver COINS, monkey, chicken year commemorative COINS, commemorative COINS customization options crossbow Po handicraft on Chinese zodiac! Commemorative COINS custom

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