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What do you think of the Lausanne Marathon medal in Switzerland?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-26
Clouds want clothes and flowers, and spring breeze Buddha threshold Revlon. The spring breeze flicks on the railings, beautiful people, surrounded by mountains and rivers, looks more pure and refined. Like a fairy, if you hadn't seen you at the Lausanne Marathon medals, then you would only be able to see your face above the Yaotai in the Tiangong Temple. The poem by Li Bai is more appropriate to describe this medal. Small and exquisite, it makes people look in love at a glance, as if this is synonymous with this Lausanne Marathon medal. The design of the Lausanne Marathon medals fully reflects the scenery of Switzerland, the majestic Alps, the beautiful Lake Geneva, and the beautiful goddess looking into the distance. The design of the medals makes the vast sky full of its true colors. This marathon medal went through numerous processes when it was made. Every process is carefully carved and finely polished, and layers of checks can make the majestic Alps and lakes appear so natural, and also show the city's business card vividly. Yes, there is no need to add too many elements when making a marathon medal. It is a high-end business card that can show the landmark buildings or geographical features of the city. When the medal design is simple and generous, it is good, and it is plain and flat. . And in the ordinary, it can give the medal meaning, it seems to have commemorative value. As a manufacturer of marathon medals, Nubo has rich experience in production and design, mainly exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other markets. Powerful manufacturer, trustworthy. Related Searches: Medal Manufacturers
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