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What does the medal mean to you?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-29
What does a medal mean? I think this should start with honor. I believe you have recently received 10086 text messages about joining the army. I remember there is such a sentence to describe that if one person joins the army, the whole family is glorious. In the recent World Championships, our Chinese team, Sun Yang, won another gold medal. When the five-star red flag was raised and the national anthem was played, we were very proud and proud as Chinese. In Sun Yang’s view, this is to win glory for the country. , It is glory to win, to suppress Holden tightly, this is the strength! These few examples are all about glory. As athletes, they are born to work hard for medals. Medals are their first goal, so they will achieve their goals at all costs. Let me give you another example that we have all gone through-reading. I believe that everyone has received awards when they are studying again. After the end of each semester, the teacher will issue awards to the students who work hard in the class to show their success in this semester. For sure. And it is also a kind of honor and a kind of honor for us to get the certificate and post it at home. The parents are happy, and we are also very happy. The popular fitness for all in recent years is also a very sharp contrast. As the marathon with the highest rate of national fitness growth, it is a very successful national participation activity. As long as you run the full half marathon, you can get the corresponding finishing medals. These are all testimonies to the hard work of athletes. It feels like Beier. Cool. After reading this article, I believe you have a new understanding of medals. They are not something that money can buy. They need our hard work and dedication to exchange them. And it is the only testimony to the results of my hard work. Related Searches: Medal Manufacturers
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