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What factors lead to different MEDALS have very big difference

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-21
Now on the market of the common medal is multifarious, various, even lay people know these MEDALS are difference is very big, so how different MEDALS to distinguish? Just talk about MEDALS classification based on below. According to the machining process is not the same as the raw materials can be divided into: MEDALS, aluminum alloy plate printing ink, stainless steel plate monuments, monuments, alluvial gold commemorative plate, titanium plate heap gold commemorative plate, crystal MEDALS, hand-carved monuments, gold foil ji MEDALS. Commonly used medal raw materials: aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other raw materials, and acrylic, organic chemistry, amethyst, that a few kinds also. According to the appearance is different can be divided into: MEDALS, monuments, medal. According to the different main use honor can be divided into: advanced worker monuments, advanced collective deeds monuments, authorized monuments, agent monuments, VIP member monuments. Medal design style: high-end monuments has one of the main elements, that is to say souvenir design style, design is unique, and want to take off and free from vulgarity, that is to say, the market is a rare species. Medal made of raw materials: high-end plate is made of raw materials, according to the requirement of present MEDALS to make customers, monuments has obvious medal monuments, stainless steel plate is not consider of the high-end customer requirements, choose what monuments of raw materials, decision-making with a medal is a high-end. Three, medal of manufacturing process: in the nameplate production manufacturing industry, making monuments to choose how to production process and making process, is to make the monuments, richness in high-end sex show its original monuments values. Four, MEDALS, making price: a penny a cargo is always all manufacturing industry, the value of all goods. With very cheap price now is no way to get the high-grade goods. Five, the monuments of font style specification: many monuments, self-proclaimed is high-end monuments, but monuments of font style is not easy to use, the headlines in the monuments set to which the font style, the text set which font styles, unaware. Some common font style is to know that all. Six, the content of the MEDALS accurate: excellent enterprise monuments and civilized unit monuments so within the prescribed monuments of high-end sex, most are very easy to ignore is the contents of the monuments of relatively. This kind of high-end MEDALS, collation and check the content of the plate is very key. Seven, souvenir plate cleaning: colorful style of monuments, believe that everyone is not easy to love. The clean up here, not dirty meaning, the key is refers to the chaos and confusion. Eight, the order of the monuments in black and white: high-end plate making, must be the style of the monuments and style, content and text, winning awards for primary and secondary. High-end monuments, you also should be made of raw materials mainly displays in the medal on the high-end, or should be made on the processing technology of main performance in the medal. Nine, the key point of MEDALS: high-end monuments in the usual making, there will be many key points still needs careful sound. Besides a big key level items, pay special attention on the part of the key is must ascend. Such as using what style of monuments wood, which the monuments of the ribs to supporting facilities, are not despise. Ten, monuments, packaging fine: high-end packaging, monuments like people each dress and wear clothes, said the collocation of color is one of nature's beauty, generous, high-end outer-package of monuments, on its use, value is matched. In general carton or choose high-end wooden JinHe, whole is a textual research. How to package, is completely the high-end, credibility of the monuments of the donor.
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