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What is a good crystal trophy in different seasons to send?

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-08
Held a lot of companies in a variety of activities, the organizers to give excellent workers, result prominent and outstanding join partners issued some trophies, to encourage them to work harder in the future work, must be their job performance. Get the trophy can get a sense of honor and pride, enhance their confidence and positive attitude, is the meaning of memorial. What kind of cup is more suitable, but organizers issued by far to the theme of trophies means, can make the winners feel not wish, silly, very strange, and colleagues think the organizers fiddle-faddle. Especially want to issue the crystal trophy more to pay attention to the subject matter of the trophy conform to the theme of the event, in order to achieve success. Therefore, according to different season four different subjects of crystal trophy is given below: 1, the boom Spring dream of this trophy for a brief introduction to generous crystal ring, set within a bud bud tip, material for sulfur wine glass and crystal together. Size is 190 * 190 * 45 mm, the events held in the spring can be issued. 2, blooming flowers, summer song the cup crystal material is qualitative, the blue sky white clouds, green leaves ying ying, flowers in full bloom, colour is distinct, let a person feel passionate, full of fight. With activities in summer. 3, graceful graceful crystal crystal trophy trophy on behalf of the autumn harvest, the harvest of joy. In the cool autumn. 4, eluu clubs crystal cup cold plum proud snow alone, the cup represents the noble personality, strength of character, success must belong to him. With prizes in winter activities.
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