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What is the difference between a copper medallion and a zinc alloy material?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-10
The custom-made materials of the medallion are mainly zinc alloy and copper. There are obvious differences in the process. The following is an introduction: The initial embryo of zinc alloy is formed by die-casting. Because the melting point of zinc alloy is low, it is generally 419.5 degrees. After the zinc ingot melts, it enters the die on the die-casting die forging machine. After cooling, the primary embryo is completed. The die-casting process is used here. The process of custom-made copper medallions is a bit different. Because the melting point of copper is very high, as high as 1083 degrees, it can no longer be melted and then cast like zinc alloy when the first embryo is produced. At this time, we can use another one. Kind of practice, stamping process. The principle of the stamping process is to install the mold on a press or punch, and use their strong pressure to stamp the raw material to obtain the initial embryo. The above is the difference between the custom-made craftsmanship of different materials, except for this link, the others are basically the same.
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