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What is the difference between ordinary glass and organic glass?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-25
Compared to the glass, it was obvious to everyone, but when it comes to organic glass, do not know you to understand how many? Organic glass and common glass in appearance looks is glass, but both are very different in nature. Under which the Noble allow to bring you a detailed introduce to everyone! A, organic glass and glass composition difference between 1, material: the main ingredients of organic glass is acetone, methanol, sulfuric acid and hydrogen cyanide; And the main material of common glass is Portland. 2, resistance to impact, the density of organic glass is smaller than the density of common glass half, but in terms of the impact resistance is better than common glass, not as fragile as ordinary glass. 3, thermoplastic: organic glass has good thermoplastic, after heating, it can be any shape its glass rod, glass tube and glass plate, wide range of USES, this is no ordinary glass. 4, stress: organic glass are often used to make jet engine room window glass, because the organic glass is a kind of synthetic polymer, even in case of severe vibration, temperature of mutation and the special situations such as air pressure, it can stand the test. 2, organic glass and glass performance difference between 1 and transmission of light: organic glass pervious to light performance is quite good, even can penetrate the ultraviolet ray, is often used in the manufacture of optical instruments. When the organic glass thickness is 1 m, can see clearly the things outside, and common glass, when the thickness of more than 375 px, it will be difficult to see through the glass exterior. In the pervious to light performance, ordinary glass than organic glass. 2, transparency: organic glass has the good transparency, glittering and translucent get rid of. 3, stability: organic glass chemical performance is stable, while the weight is light, but it is very tough, and after heating and good plasticity, USES a very wide range. Texture hard brittle and ordinary glass, not as good as organic glass on stability. 4, the projection light: organic glass has a performance was no other glass products, when the organic glass bending & lt; 48° , it can make the light like water through a pipe along its projected light, the light can turn. The performance of organic glass has also been used to manufacture surgical preach on optical glass apparatus. 5, exterior richness: join the right amount of dyes in organic glass raw material, organic glass can be made into different colors, color is rich and varied. And because common glass is a kind of colorless transparent material, after add the various components, also can be made into dark brown glass, light ink, cobalt blue glass, etc. What is the difference between the organic glass and common glass? Above is the Noble allow display products company & other The difference between organic glass and glass & throughout; Problems related to introduce, hope to be of help.
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