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What is the difference between smooth acrylic and frosted acrylic?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-03
In terms of acrylic materials, surface treatment, face and has a bright surface. Although the surface effect is not the same, but in fact are similar material. The former is more bright and transparent, belongs to acrylic high penetration and no bubble. No matter how thin or thick material, can guarantee the quality of such regulations, which is why many fashion brands, in shopping malls of the terminal display, good thick shiny acrylic materials. In this way, you can get clear acrylic and what's the difference between a dumb face acrylic? Dumb face yakeli, nickname frosted acrylic, acrylic and bright face in contrast, in short, goods surface with frosted effect, from the point of view of material surface feature is opaque. Dumb face yakeli the characteristics of the material surface is not easy to be scratch, the sole limit to ensure that the goods surface clean cleanliness in the application process. So dumb face acrylic hand holding, there would be no effect. So in shopping malls, exhibition hall and store show strong lighting effects under the environment of place, because the material surface grind arenaceous effect, even in the strong direct light environment, also not easy to cause the material surface back to the light, make consumers at a random Angle of view, still can be seen clearly show the contents of material on the surface plate. Both bright surface organic glass plate and dumb face organic glass plates, large shopping malls are many famous fashion brands in terminal display shelves, the goods that some organic glass display shelves, will also choose this two materials. The above is the small make up to sort out some related contents about the acrylic, hope I can help to you, want to know more, please consult the official web site.
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