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When the Infinity Glove meets a medal, what kind of spark will it spark?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-25
Infinite gloves, wearing full-drilled gloves, you can control power, time, space, soul, reality, and soul. No one can do it before. This is Thanos’ weapon. But now, in conjunction with the links in the Avengers, our designers have opened their minds and brainstormed to design a Thanos glove medal! What exactly is it like? Let's take a look. This medal is composed of three parts, the medal, the infinite glove, and six gems. Three molds are used to complete the medal. Six pieces of different colors represent different energies in the movie. Only when six gemstones are inlaid, the glove can exert its greatest power. It is not very easy to get this complete medal. We can see that 5K is written on the 6 gems, which means that you can get a gem after running 5KM. If you want to get 6 gems, you have to finish running 6 5KM, and they are in the same series. According to the regular calculation, it will take half a year to get this finishing medal. The special conditions, the exquisite appearance, and the complicated technological process make it very commemorative. Of course, in the follow-up, our company will also launch a series of cultural and creative products to make the medals more cultural and distinctive. Welcome to pay attention at any time! Related searches: customized marathon medals
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