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Why do you want to use aluminum alloy to make the badges?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-25
Aluminum alloy has small density, light quality; Soft, easy processing, good heat treatment performance, many clients in consulting crossbows, arts and crafts, all want to custom make high-grade breastplate, the crossbow Po handicraft then introduce customers to use aluminum alloy to make badges, because aluminum alloy not only has good corrosion resistance, weatherability, aluminum alloy in the atmosphere that can form a layer of hard and dense, oxide film with good corrosion resistance, through the anodic oxidation, electrophoresis paint, powder coating, such as surface treatment, can further improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum and other characteristics, is the best material to produce high-grade badges! Craft products product properties of aluminum alloy badges: appearance using flat concave and convex metal visual interface design, beautiful, elegant, easy to make. Print name position, use convenient staff change. High strength alloy, the magnetron sputtering coating surface treatment ( German ingredients) Eternal color, highlighted and exalted, can be permanent; Exquisite printing: screen printing machine, Japan, Sweden, ensure fine printing content and thickness of ink can reach 0. 02mm; German ink, after five warranty procedures, to ensure that do not fade, abrasion scrape resistance; Stock color: golden, silver, black, grey, can customize the other red, blue, violet wait for color. Standard: pin or pin pin ( Taiwan is expected, ensure the pin plastic tap the toughness, not easy to break) , but the other with magnetic components.
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