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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-23
Acrylic display in promotional products brand awareness in the process of ascension, and plays a subtle role, set up shop in the cities shopping malls supermarkets, through well-designed, in line with the brand image of the display counters, in a unified image, unified price, unified policy in the face of the consumers, give consumers across a complete brand concept, is another important function of the acrylic display props. The acrylic display stress? Noble allow show you answer: acrylic display in the domestic market began to heat up, and because acrylic material bear ability, in the custom acrylic display case and acrylic display rack, must take into account its thickness, and how many by the thickness of the bearing products. Acrylic display rack to do how thick is no definite standard, the load demand of the customer. In general adornment can use 2 mm, if it is the weight of at least more than 3 mm want to be decided according to the structure. 3 mm to 5 mm has been able to bear load capacity, commonly used to the weight of the acrylic display products, such as shoes, mobile phone, watches, jewelry and so on. In addition, acrylic display strength more than ten times larger than glass, acrylic material is widely applied to the construction, household decoration industry, so its sturdy is no doubt. Noble allow display is a professional customized all kinds of acrylic display manufacturers, is also a acrylic production, display custom integrated producers.
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