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2017 lanzhou marathon finish medal stunning appearance!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-02
Recently, the horse organizing committee officially announced 2017 lanzhou international marathon finish MEDALS. Orchid Ma Kaiqi silver standard in 2017, in addition to the event itself more and more rigorous professional, on the design of the MEDALS and bold innovation, will be the most representative of lanzhou city image mix together, and through the great affinity with the circular line of design feeling, let originally hard embodiment of MEDALS for the Yellow River. This year's medal, weighing about 110 g with zinc alloy material. Obverse to zhongshan iron bridge, Bai Dashan, representative lanzhou city landmarks, such as the Yellow River mother in series with the mother river, which is 2017 marseille way of miniature reflected, the unique charm of amorous feelings of the Yellow River track retained in the MEDALS. Printed on the reverse, in addition to match, half, hold time and mileage, etc, still retains the lanzhou city flower & ndash; — “ Rose & throughout; For rough northwest China added a romantic color image. MEDALS take part adopts the event the main visual blue and pink, also do not break at the same time beautiful. Finish the MEDALS are marathon runners finished certificate, was the most significant of the marathon souvenirs. A well-designed finished medal is awarded to the finish of praise and honor. This year, blue horse upgrade international silver standard events, the style of the medal is expected to offer more. Typical landmarks to lanzhou and medal design be in harmony are an organic whole, the marathon and city together, means that the MEDALS are no longer just a symbol of a marathon, but also the hot stamping business card of a city.
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