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2019 Chizhou International Hiking Conference press conference held in Beijing

by:Noble Awards     2021-05-02
On the afternoon of April 15, the press conference of the 2019 Chizhou International Walking Conference was held in Beijing. This event is the first walking event co-organized by the Chinese Athletics Association. It is a national participation fitness event co-sponsored by the Association and the local government after the marathon. It is of great significance to promote the implementation of the national fitness plan and promote the construction of a healthy China. Shui Tao, Director of the Social Activities Department of the Track and Field Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Athletics Association, Deputy Director of the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, Chairman of the Provincial Athletics Association Zhen Guodong, Deputy Mayor of Chizhou Municipal People’s Government Jia Xuan, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Sports Federation Leaders, Ding Yanyan, director of the Marathon and Road Running Committee of the Provincial Athletics Association, and other leaders and guests attended the press conference. At the meeting, it was announced that the 2019 Chizhou International Hiking Conference will be held in Qingyang, Chizhou on June 2. This walking meeting was co-sponsored by the Chinese Athletic Association, the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and the Chizhou Municipal People's Government.   In recent years, the national strategy of 'National Fitness' has been transformed into various forms of mass sports activities, and the concept of sports health is gradually being integrated into people's lives. Walking, as a simple, safe and convenient fitness activity, has been loved by the masses. Under the guidance of the Chinese Athletic Association, this trekking conference will give full play to the local tourism resources of Chizhou, and create a beautiful hiking route with 'one step and one scene' for trekking enthusiasts, not only to experience the local customs of Chizhou, but also to experience the nature brought by nature. Cozy and comfortable, allowing hikers to experience the joy of fitness activities. In addition, through this activity, create sports tourism boutique activities with regional characteristics, further promote the integrated development of sports and cultural tourism, and promote the construction of an international cultural tourism demonstration zone in Southern Anhui. The starting and ending point of the '2019 Chizhou International Trekking Conference' is located in the beautiful Furong Lake Scenic Area in Qingyang County. The project is divided into 14 kilometers and 28 kilometers on foot. The route surrounds Furong Lake, Zhubei Meditation Town, Lianfeng Yunhai Scenic Area, and Jiuziyan Scenic Area. There are many scenic spots and historical sites along the way. The mountains and rivers are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, the human history is rich, and the natural scenery is exquisite. During the conference, hiking enthusiasts participating in the activity will freely visit the national 5A-level scenic spot Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area, national 4A-level scenic spot Jiuziyan Scenic Area, Lianfeng Yunhai Scenic Area, and Jiuhua Shenlong Valley Scenic Area with their bibs from June 1st to 3rd. Nine scenic spots such as Qingyuan Mountain Scenic Area, a national 3A-level scenic spot; you can enjoy famous tea, enjoy delicious food, and feel the unique charm of leisure and fitness, and the harmony of nature and man.   Online registration for the Hiking Conference was officially opened on April 4. Friends from all over the country who love sports and travel can register through the official WeChat account 'Chizhou International Marathon'. Activity introduction 2019 Chizhou International Trekking Conference Event time: June 2, 2019 at 8:00 am;   Activity location: Qingyang County, Chizhou City;   Activity items: 14km trekking, 28km trekking;   Activity scale: 10,000 people; event memorial service commemoration Medal event supplies
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