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6 kinds of recognition and acrylic tips

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-11
High quality because of the yakeli currently on the market is difficult, the cost is high, so there are many quality at a low price on the market of cheap substitute. The substitute, also known as & other; Acrylic & throughout; , it is ordinary organic board or composite board ( Also called sandwich panels) 。 Noble allow summarizes six recruit clever method allows you to easily identify strengths and weaknesses yakeli: 1. Observation: this is based on the characteristics of acrylic material itself to determine a way: whether we can watch when the choose and buy acrylic acrylic has faded a bit serious or gloss is not high, if there is this suggests that the acrylic quality is bad. In addition to this observation also can see the illustrations of the acrylic are consistent with the actual situation of acrylic, if can also judge that acrylic material is not normal. 2. Burning method: you can use a small piece of yakeli combustion experiment was carried out, if the acrylic yakeli not mass burn immediately. 3. Pervious to light method: this method is to use the acrylic light transmittance characteristics derived method, can pass the lights are white light through the acrylic plate, if it is found that color is yellow or blue can explain acrylic quality is not straight, because of the high light transmittance of acrylic and through after the light is white, not absorb light. 4. Paste method: also called melt method, it is to use good acrylic material and bad acrylic paste degrees and distinguish between different materials. For example, the poor quality of acrylic material after hot melt will stick together and difficult to separate, good quality acrylic is easily separated. 5. Solvent method: it is recommended that the two kinds of material tank into the two cups of glass containing acetone, need to show after 24 h, unsaturated resin surface material swelling phenomenon happens, will be observed at the same time and swelling of the acrylic panel soak parts is loose. 6. Hot oil: oil is heated to 200 first & deg; , then stir in metal containers, fast on the surface of the two kinds of surface material, wait for after cooling will find: unsaturated resin surface traces will be concave surface, material and acrylic surface material won't appear. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. Is a full-service business promotional gifts and household products of professional gift company, we undertook & other; Quality first, reputation first & throughout; Concept for the purpose, adhere to & other; Low cost, high quality & throughout; For the principle, meet the needs of customers and markets, with customers to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnership, mutual benefit, mutual trust. We look forward to cooperating with you, to seek further progress and development!
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